Invite to the launch of Port Douglas Direct

It is now two years since the concept of a Port Douglas Direct business model was conceived.

After many meetings, involving up to twenty five Port Douglas Accommodation Providers, it was agreed that Gerry Ireland would undertake a Feasibility Study to determine the OTA’s were gaining in market share and strength. The final Report was presented mid-2016, and demonstrated the increasing gains made by OTA’s, as well as providing a number of strategic insights in terms of how more profitability could be returned to the Accommodation Providers.

The Port Douglas Direct project had the aims of;

  • Reducing the towns reliance upon 3rd party channels (OTA’s)
  • Reduce competitive marketing efforts within the town
  • Reduce the cost of sale within businesses
  • Create a Port Douglas Collective Tourist Customer Database that would receive Targeted Port Douglas Centric Marketing Campaigns to significantly improve Occupancy Rates, and thereby increase $Room Rate per night values
  • Provide a combined mechanism of marketing that would benefit the stakeholders
  • Creating a brand portal owned by the stakeholders with a return to stakeholders
  • Operate under a universal technology that benefited the stakeholders across many dimensions of their business

Although some progress was made, the project sadly, stuttered to a position of impasse and inaction.

At the recent VRMA ( Vacation Rental Managers ) conference in Paris it was accepted that the battle at the top of the funnel has been won by the OTA’s.

Since February 2016 the OTA’s have taken more control of the Port Douglas Market. Indeed, by 2020 – less than two years’ time –  it is expected that over 72% of all bookings will be taken by the OTA’s. By 2022 the figure will be close to 80%, ensuring your business should be growing, as this influence takes hold.

However, and it is critically important that you do not ignore this email, since there is a train far larger than several OTA’s coming your way.

However, it is not too late, and we wish to invite you and fellow Port Douglas Holiday Rental Managers/Accommodation Providers to a presentation on the future of holiday rental management at Four Mile Beach Port Douglas on the 9th May  at 5:30pm.

Please join your colleagues for a “Solutions Based Presentation” that will address a new and coherent Port Douglas Direct Business Model that will define the future success, profitability and value of your business.

Where: 10, The Beachfront ( innokenti )
2-12 reef street port douglas
entry off Barrier Street, see map

When: 5:30pm Wednesday 9th May 2018

To RSVP email to:

There will be drinks and some light snacks available.

Gerry Ireland & Glenn Smith
Port Douglas Direct