DSC Fails the Transparency Test with an ailing Douglas Economic Performance

Douglas Shire’s Economy Declines -16% since 2008 compared to Regional Queensland’s Gain of +16%:

Just a couple of weeks after quite rightly applauding the wonderful global achievement of Douglas Shire being acknowledged as a Top 100 region for environmental sustainability, we learn the opposite, and sad demise of Douglas Shire’s headline Economic Performance since 2008.

The figures and graphs below are taken directly from the DSC website, although, of course there is no commentary from either the Mayor, or the Councillors, or Council Staff, to explain what’s going on. It seems transparency is only a public relations tool when the news is good.

How can we lag so far behind the performances of Regional Queensland, or other Regional Economies driven by Tourism such as Sunshine Coast and Byron Shire? I was gobsmacked when I started to unveil the extent of the woeful performance so I wrote to Mayor Julia Leu, and you can read my letter and the Appendices below to gain a fuller understanding of how struggling Douglas Tourism impacts a struggling Douglas Economy.

Gerry Ireland
Port Douglas Direct

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