The Case for a Commercialised Douglas Tourism Organisation

Douglas Tourism has been suffering an acute case of Tourism Massification, which has resulted in the loss of our destination status.

Since the Tourism sector drives more than 80% of the Douglas Economy, the ramifications are serious and far reaching. The sense of well-being that underpinned the community during the 1990’s is no longer backdrop, and many citizens and businesses are struggling to sustain a positive livelihood.

You only have to compare some key of the Tourism figures from 1994 – source 1998 Douglas Tourism Strategy – to understand the enormity of the decline. In that year the average Overnight Visitor $spend was $1,056, staying an average 6.7 nights. In today’s terms, that amounts to $1,900 when adjusted for CPI. Conversely, in the year ending June ’18, Overnight Visitor $spend had declined in real terms by -47% to $1,291, staying an average of 5.6 nights.

That’s the extent to which the Douglas Tourism sector has declined. It underscores the benign approach of DSC and TPDD leadership in planning for a well-managed growth based Tourism model. Since there are no future volume and value Budgets for the Douglas Tourism sector, it can be of no surprise that there will be no performance achievements to celebrate.

Look no further the Destination Queenstown, to understand how a sustainable economic Tourism model, can dovetail with a sustainable environmental Tourism model.

The time is long overdue for change, if you are concerned about what’s happening, and wish to participate in the solution.
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