Here is a “broad brush” summary of what the future could look like

Here is a “broad brush” summary of how we see the solution to the demise of Douglas Tourism.

  • Our proposed Douglas Tourism Strategy needs to be centred on well managed, sensible and sustainable Tourism Growth
  • Our Douglas Tourism growth budgets need to balance $Value and Volume ˆ the rate of Tourist $Value Growth should aim to be double that of Tourism Volume Growth to as we restore the status of the Douglas Destination
  • Our Douglas Tourism Accommodation Sector needs to thrive, since our Tours & Events, Restaurants & Bars, and Retail sectors are all dependent.
    60% Occupancy in our Accommodation sector implies that all Tourism sectors are operating at the 60% level so we need to improve occupancy performance in the Shoulder and Low Seasons, as a first priority
  • Our Douglas Tourism website needs a 21st century website, capable of powering a brilliant Tourist Customer experience, including the critical Review > Compare > Select > Book > and Pay process
  • We propose that the transformational new Douglas Tourism Organisation should be based around an inclusive Owner/Membership Collective model, embracing up to 500 of the 1,400 businesses in our Douglas Shire
  • Our proposed Douglas Tourism Strategy aims employ a top flight C.E.O. together with a professional team of executives to manage Douglas Tourism in the short, medium and long terms.
  • Our new Douglas Tourism Organisation solution is marketing and technology driven and will allocate 30% of $Revenue, to invest in dynamic Douglas Tourism Advertising & Promotional Programme. This will involve a dynamic customer interactive Website, Mobile Apps, Loyalty Programme and other Tourist Customer centric services.
  • Our proposed Douglas Tourism Organisation ˆ essentially the Members/Shareholders ˆ will own a Douglas Tourist Customer Database, which pays respect to the 500,000 Tourist Customers who stay with us each year.

It really does make sense that we now seize the day to make the change with a sense of urgency. We need to stop the rot. We urge you to join fellow Douglas business owners by visiting our online petition where you can register your support for a commercially driven, peak body Douglas Tourism. This will clearly illustrate to the incumbent Douglas Tourism establishment that the change is already underway.

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