Trivago walking fine line

You don’t have to be Einstein to question the motives behind the probable fortune Trivago has spent over the past two weeks of the Australian tennis open.

Despite the ACCC taking Trivago to task for misleading the Australian public in advertising last year, Trivago have in their advertising over the two weeks of the Australian Tennis Open walked a fine line in an attempt to mislead the Australian public that, when you book with Trivago you get a better price over that of the local hotel or resort operator.

Just check out some of the stills here from their advertising where the hotel price is higher that a OTA insinuating that this happens as a regular occurrence.

Misleading the public and achieving that goal means that Port Douglas accommodation providers are deprived of up to 20% of their income yet TPDD EO Tara Bennett believes that OTA’s are a valuable partner of Port Douglas Tourism.

At whose expense are they a valuable partner or are they just making up for the incompetence of the local tourism body whose directors really should stand aside admitting that this is way above their heads.

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