Port Douglas

What will Port Douglas Direct mean for Port Douglas ?

Long before email addresses, the internet and websites, tourism marketing took on a whole new process and most certainly the early days of Port Douglas were no differant.

Bricks and mortar information centres dominated every tourism town and accommodation business owners registered their properties, businesses with the information centre who then provided the main proportion of bookings at a booking fee. Marketing was simple in those days, a photograph and short description was all that was needed and the information centre produced brochures and such to send via the mail to persons interested.

The main point is that the commission paid to the information centre funded the high street office, employed locals as staff and the local graphic designer put it together for the local printer to complete.

The $ stayed in the town and grew the town, the locals were employed.

The birth of the internet has changed all of that, the reliance of the tourism office has been depleted and sent to the cloud, brochures are no longer printed and the majority of the commissions paid by accommodation business goes directly offshore. Millions and millions every year leave the Port Douglas community to head for offshore companies such as Google, Booking.com, Expedia and Homeaway just to name a few. Millions.

One of the key aims of Port Douglas Direct will be to reduce this outflow of money. The upside of this is that the money saved will be poured back into the local economy, yes, employing locals, establishing that high street presence with maybe a brochure or two.

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I am a business owner, can I be a member ?

The new website and brand for Port Douglas Direct which will be launched on the 9th May will include a business directory of which local business who wish to participate will be provided with a login and password to update their information and keep it that way.